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Ha, I remember that! Now you realize how wonderufl it is to detail every adventure Dan/Mél have ever had (because my rpf is always factual, yes). Oh, but lemme tell you, Ali, that very first fic was like pulling teeth because I had never written rpf before, and thus, I felt a bit uneasy with it. Now I'm constantly cramming them together in graphics on tumblr and thinking of how much she must hate his new haircut because he has nothing for her to grab onto in the heat of passion.

And thank you! Writing sex senes is what takes me longest with anything I write, because I want them to be good, so I'm glad I've succeeded in that! Ugh, I have this total hang-up over Dan talking to her in Spanish/German/Catalan/Latin/Esperanto/etc., etc., he can speak every language ever/ just because, so I had to include that here.

I have not yet fallen to the point where I cry over rpf
Oh, does I sense a challenge? Next up: a forty-five chapter long rpf wherein Mél has cancer and Dan is left to care for their cats.

(But not really, no)

Thank you ♥ There's another fic I'm piecing to together in between everything else, so expect more Dan/Mél soon!
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